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Monday, August 18, 2008

Uh Yeah!

Well, well, well to say that it has been a while since I have blogged is way past funny. The excuses are legitimate but they would serve no purpose because they are "life" and everyone else is encountering life and their blogs are updated. OK, with that disclaimer, I will pick up from life right now and recount as much as I can. My last post was May 9, 2008 (that is just sad). Since then, Judah had a double hernia fixed. He is doing great and growing like a baby Panda. I don't have the right word picture to give you for Jonah's height. He is taller than his age (3.5). He is 45.6 inches tall - almost 4 foot tall. He is right on the edge of completing his potty training. We are very proud parents.
In June we moved into a new house that is very nice. We have hosted our small group and enjoy the backyard for Jonah. I got the chance to attend a ZOE conference locally and that was very nice. I tried to play basketball back in June and I am just now getting over it. I think I will stick to the open swims and tread-mill at the "Y". All together June welcomed the 100 degree days and a great trip to the Northwest to hang out with the Graul's, AP and Molly. That was a well welcomed time and I just won't ever get enough of the Pacific Northwest.
July was a time of unwanted, but surely needed, life lessons; I guess, I don't know. Anyway, I love and God and I know that He will not give me more than I can handle so I continue to work on my relationship with Jesus, serve my Father God and be led by the Holy Spirit. I had planned on speaking to a wonderful group of people in Canada at ARWC (Alberta Rockies Wilderness Camp) but the day before I was to board a plane my baby sister, Jasmine Lee 18, was tragically killed in a hit and run accident in Oklahoma. I experienced an outpouring of God's love that is still sustaining me till this day. Alasha and I are forever grateful as are my parents and family in OKC. The end of July brought a time of praise that was very welcomed - thank you Project Serve!
August has continued to serve as a reminder of how good God is. I was so blessed to have some Brit's come over and dispense God's love for a few weeks at Park Row's Day Camp. Richard, Denise, David, Allison, and Emma - I love you all and may God continue to bless you as you work in His Kingdom in the United Kingdom. I just completed a church media conference - ECHO - that was very inspirational and I look forward to what God is doing next.
Now that I have given a brief synopsis of what has gone on - I will end with some neat pictures of my sons to make up for the content of the post :-)

The look on Judah's face says he will just have to get use to the way his big brother loves him and my grandmother is always happy to have more great Grand - Babies.


  • At 12:56 PM , Blogger sarah said...

    well i would have to say that you post too few for my liking. Your kids are adorable! I am sorry to hear about your sister. I often wonder how people who don't belong to a community of faith manage through tough times such as that. It is truly amazing to be loved by so many.

  • At 1:32 PM , Blogger Tim Lewis said...

    I'm praying for you and your family, Steve. Miss you.

  • At 5:38 PM , Blogger Jessica Bolt said...

    I sure have been missing you guys. I can't believe how big Jonah is!


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