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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Give Me Your Eyes

"Give Me Your Eyes" is the name of christian pop song by Brandon Heath. Most of the people that know me well know that I am a sucker for a good grove. Not to fast, not to slow - something that allows for the vocals to be explored fully and changed nightly (should you sing the song for a living). For me, "Give Me Your Eyes" is that sort of song. Last night I got the chance to do a small concert for my church and it was a blast. It turned out to be a lot more therapeutic than I was anticipating mostly because there will always be some part of me that likes to perform; but also because it reminded me of just how powerful a message becomes when it rides the sails of good melody. The song "The Little Girl" by John Michael Montgomery is a great testimony to that. Anyway, between my Alma Mater closing, some people I love going through the illness of a daughter, Alasha's Starbucks shutting its doors and having to move only months after moving - the news that I am going to be a father for a third time is like a beautiful lyric over a perfect melody.

"Thank You Lord for loving me and thank You Lord blessing me. Thank You Lord, for making me whole and saving my soul." (Gary Mabry 1974)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Uh Yeah!

Well, well, well to say that it has been a while since I have blogged is way past funny. The excuses are legitimate but they would serve no purpose because they are "life" and everyone else is encountering life and their blogs are updated. OK, with that disclaimer, I will pick up from life right now and recount as much as I can. My last post was May 9, 2008 (that is just sad). Since then, Judah had a double hernia fixed. He is doing great and growing like a baby Panda. I don't have the right word picture to give you for Jonah's height. He is taller than his age (3.5). He is 45.6 inches tall - almost 4 foot tall. He is right on the edge of completing his potty training. We are very proud parents.
In June we moved into a new house that is very nice. We have hosted our small group and enjoy the backyard for Jonah. I got the chance to attend a ZOE conference locally and that was very nice. I tried to play basketball back in June and I am just now getting over it. I think I will stick to the open swims and tread-mill at the "Y". All together June welcomed the 100 degree days and a great trip to the Northwest to hang out with the Graul's, AP and Molly. That was a well welcomed time and I just won't ever get enough of the Pacific Northwest.
July was a time of unwanted, but surely needed, life lessons; I guess, I don't know. Anyway, I love and God and I know that He will not give me more than I can handle so I continue to work on my relationship with Jesus, serve my Father God and be led by the Holy Spirit. I had planned on speaking to a wonderful group of people in Canada at ARWC (Alberta Rockies Wilderness Camp) but the day before I was to board a plane my baby sister, Jasmine Lee 18, was tragically killed in a hit and run accident in Oklahoma. I experienced an outpouring of God's love that is still sustaining me till this day. Alasha and I are forever grateful as are my parents and family in OKC. The end of July brought a time of praise that was very welcomed - thank you Project Serve!
August has continued to serve as a reminder of how good God is. I was so blessed to have some Brit's come over and dispense God's love for a few weeks at Park Row's Day Camp. Richard, Denise, David, Allison, and Emma - I love you all and may God continue to bless you as you work in His Kingdom in the United Kingdom. I just completed a church media conference - ECHO - that was very inspirational and I look forward to what God is doing next.
Now that I have given a brief synopsis of what has gone on - I will end with some neat pictures of my sons to make up for the content of the post :-)

The look on Judah's face says he will just have to get use to the way his big brother loves him and my grandmother is always happy to have more great Grand - Babies.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Judah Teziah & Caleb Todd

Hello Friends and Family,

Writing in to update again. We have had a lot go on here in the past few weeks. On April 23, 2008 at around 3:40 in the afternoon - Caleb Todd Maxwell was born to Chris and Kim Maxwell of Sherman, Texas. Caleb is the cousin of Judah Teziah who was born March 19, 2008. Now I am really writing this because I am blessed. My father is real big on letting us know how much he loves us and how proud he is of Chris (my brother) and I. He is proud of his grandchildren and understand to some extent. In preparing for a summer camp I will speak at the this summer I have rereading Dallas Willard's "The Spirit of The Disciplines: Understanding How God Changes Lives". He talks about how important it is to celebrate God working in our lives. It helps with the trials and hardships we endure from time to time. I just heard that more people I love "The Tucker's" have had child (or should I say young lady #3). I'm telling you - God is and awesome God and I just thought I should tell you. Oh Yeah! You can keep Alasha in your prayers - she started back to work and things will get a little hectic as we move this summer. We are moving to a house that will hopefully provide a little better for our families needs. God bless your day.

PS. Caleb is the one with the Paci.

God bless - Steve

Monday, March 24, 2008

Judah Teziah Maxwell

Well, well,

The wait is over. Judah Teziah is here. It was as smooth a birth as could be expected given the fact that Alasha had to be induced. Her blood pressure was not her friend and our Dr. thought it best for mother and son to bring him on out. So on March 19, 2008 with God's blessing and a little medical help Judah came to greet us at 11:24a. He was 6.9 pounds and 19" long. He has well developed lungs already. Mother and son are doing very well. Alasha is awesome. She had no pain medicine and a very quick labor, so fast in fact that the doctor did not make the actual birth. She was about 45 to 50 seconds to late. Here are a few picture's. Jonah's first words for his brother were, "He is small". I think Jonah was hoping he would come in the 3yr old version right from birth. Thanks to all for so many things - mainly your prayers.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Jonah vs Elmo!

Dad - Hey Jonah! You got an Elmo!
Jonah - Uh! Hey - who let you out of the TV. Dad, help me out here - Elmo is in my personal space. Shouldn't you introduce us. Back up Elmo - I don't know you like that. Slow your roll Elmo!

This new relationship took a little warming up to. Jonah already has a huge Nemo, that Mrs. Ellie got for him, but Elmo took him by surprise.


This is hard work and I'm glad I got it!

Thanks for the help Dad!

Happy Birthday Jonah!

Well hello my friends,

I am late getting this up, but that is on par with life for the Maxwell's right now. February 23rd was Jonah Tobias Maxwell's 3rd birthday! It was an awesome day. There was a party, pizza, gifts, friends, and time to play. Jonah had been looking forward to "Jonah's birfday" all week. We told him that there would friends and cuppecakes, and he was as excited as - well he was just normal for Jonah with a little more added to it. The day went as smooth as a crazy father and a very pregnant mother could have wanted. All things considered, Jonah had a blast and that was our main concern. We do need your prayers because Jonah had all female friends at his party. Jonah was so excited to blow the candle on his cuppecake and he did a great job. Thanks to all who made the day special whether with your presence or in prayer and spirit. We love you all and now await the arrival of Judah.

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Monthly Update!

Hey I admire my friends who keep up with their blogs. That is awesome. I read all the time but rarely, anymore, do I take the time to put a few words down. A lot of times that happens when I am going through things that are better worked out in places other than a public blog.:-) Anyway, I can report good news on Alasha and baby. He is still in and that is good. Alasha has been on bed-rest now for over a month and that is just crazy. She has done very well and those of you that know her know that a real live miracle is currently being lived out at my house. Jonah is doing awesome. Right now he walks around with these lyrics going through his head, "Dere you see her sitten dere across de way, she don' gotta lot to say; but dere's someting about her". After this point the melody is still very clear but the lyrics become just out of range for clear understanding until he says, "Kiss de gurl". It is so cute that Alasha and I can't hardly stand it. He gets lots of kisses and he squeals because he has no idea why his mother keeps kissing on him after he sings that. We will try to capture it on video. Other than that things are chugging right along. Keep us in your prayers as we prepare for boy number 2.


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Latest!

Ok. So many things are going on so fast that this is a way to get info out and relieve some of the pressure on my brain. In general the Maxwell's are doing well. Jonah is huge (about 40 inches tall and 35 - 40lbs). He still has more energy than that energizer bunny that restores the power to that city on the commercial on TV now. He using complete sentences and sings with his parents often. "Jesus Loves Me, Daddy", he says. "Twinkle, Twinkle, Star Mommy", he says to Lash; especially at bed time. Alasha is hanging in there. We are expecting our second son in April. Did I say, "April"? Because I really mean APRIL, not December or even January. And to make sure that happens, Sister Maxwell has been confined to bed-rest. For those of you that know my wife - please call or come over; then pray for Jonah and I. Now the interesting thing about bed-rest is that I am scheduled to get on a plane on December 26th, 2007 and return to Texas January 18, 2008. Those planes will eventually land me in Uganda, Africa. Just in case you wanted to know that is 8438 miles from Dallas, Texas to Kampala, Uganda. So, I have some decisions to make. Now for those of you in the know - you know that my first child came into the world just after I came from my last trip to Africa in 2005. Alasha is insisting that I go and I hope to go. Just pray for God's leading and pray for the safety of Mother, unborn child, toddler child, and the man-child. Sorry no pictures this time, may be next.