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Monday, October 23, 2006

It Has Been Too Long!

It Has Been Too Long!

Ok! I guess the first thing I should say is I am sorry. It has been way too long and sooooo much has happened. I will just go through and mention what I can remember, which many of you know will leave out a lot, but I am brain damaged just ask my wife.
So, Jonah has been doing great in school. He loves the other children and is learning lots of new things. I stood outside his classroom one day and saw him sitting in these cute toddler seat/table combo things just listening and playing with the other children. The funniest thing is to watch him watch other children talk. He says words every once in a while but he hasn’t quite figured out the sentence thing yet. He sings the theme song to Disney’s Little Einstein’s and of course he still sings his ABC’s (thanks AJ).
Let’s see! I had the opportunity attend the Abilene Christian Lectureship this fall and that was a lot of fun. The week started with a songwriter’s workshop lead by Ike Graul and Mark Love, featuring guest lecturer and performer, Michael Card. It was great to see Ike and Lea Kae, “Sugar”, Luke, Serena, and Tyson, Sara, Jen, George, the Wilson boy’s and many others. Michael Card was awesome and I look forward, Lord willing, to the event next year.

Once the lectureship started even more friends came in to participate in the lecture’s and that was fun. Barry, John, Al, Deb, and George are part of group from the east called “Things In Common”. TIC performed at the lectures and it was good to hear all them and get a chance to sing with Barry and George again. It was just good for me to hang out with some of the best musicians on this earth (Ike, Barry, George and Michael). I would have to say the biggest surprise came when the lone female of the group, Debra Spence, opened her mouth. She is absolutely phenomenal and she blessed all who heard. Ask Ike for those who know him.
After the TIC concert, some of the Acappella alum were around and we got to have a little jam session. It was very nice. Thanks Don, Gary, Barry, and Nic. After that impromptu session I was extremely blessed to kick it with my PUMP family members and worship in this heavenly place in the Bible building at ACU. WOW, what a time of worship.
Well I will end here and post more later. God bless your day.