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Monday, March 03, 2008

Happy Birthday Jonah!

Well hello my friends,

I am late getting this up, but that is on par with life for the Maxwell's right now. February 23rd was Jonah Tobias Maxwell's 3rd birthday! It was an awesome day. There was a party, pizza, gifts, friends, and time to play. Jonah had been looking forward to "Jonah's birfday" all week. We told him that there would friends and cuppecakes, and he was as excited as - well he was just normal for Jonah with a little more added to it. The day went as smooth as a crazy father and a very pregnant mother could have wanted. All things considered, Jonah had a blast and that was our main concern. We do need your prayers because Jonah had all female friends at his party. Jonah was so excited to blow the candle on his cuppecake and he did a great job. Thanks to all who made the day special whether with your presence or in prayer and spirit. We love you all and now await the arrival of Judah.


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