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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

State Fair of Texas 07

One of the things I enjoy about ministry is the flexibility in schedule. God has blessed me with a "boss" who is very family oriented and when I went up to him and asked to take a half day and take the family to Texas State Fair - he said "go"! What I didn't know was that Alasha had never been to a state fair of any kind and Jonah about lost his mind he was so excited. The fair in Texas is one of the largest in the US and we did everything from fudge, to corn-dogs, to exhibits, to rides, the little children's circus. Jonah would have been content on just looking at some of the crazy rides they have at the fair. Alasha really liked the car show and saw some nice vehicles. I look forward to taking my family to the fair in the future. It was nice to walk by the Cotton Bowl where OU beat Texas.

God Bless.


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