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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Big Children

Alasha and I recently got chance to hang out together at Disney. Many of you that know me know that got my start in singing with a gentleman by the name of Bret Testerman. He is a friend, mentor, hommie, you get the picture. Well, he and I made plans and went to the ZOE Conference this year in Nashville. I flew into Orlando and we drove up to Nashville. We had a great time in Nashville. It was my first conference and I learned alot about this world I am in. I have been leading worship a long time. I would say I have learned the most from Avery Stafford and the Faith Quest Praise teams over the years. Bret (BT) has been with the Metro Church in North Orlando for about 10 years so I went to hang out with him to learn more about what it means to be a Worship Minister. Well, Bret and Julie (his wife) and their girls "Cake" and "Mac & Cheese" McKaela and McKenzie hosted Alasha, Jonah and I at their home. The Testerman's keep Jonah for 3 days and nights while Alasha and I went to Disney World. They set us up at one of the resorts and with tickets for 3 days. We were like "Big Children" walking around the parks, riding the rides and just having a blast. I love my wife, she rocks. She wanted to ride the "Aerosmith Rocking Rollercoaster" and the new "Mt Everest Exploration Coaster" over and over and over. So I obliged her. We had a great time. We stayed at the "Pop Century" resort and we stayed in the "1970's". The resort had all these huge reminders of pop culture through the years. It was awesome.

Bull and Boy

As I continue to catch up I will mention that we got a chance to meet the sister and nephew of Emily Wallace (Moly), Laura and Nathan Bull. The Wallace's had us over for dinner one evening and we brought "Boy" so he could play with Nathan "Baby Bull". They had a blast and Moly had her hands full.