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Monday, January 21, 2008

The Monthly Update!

Hey I admire my friends who keep up with their blogs. That is awesome. I read all the time but rarely, anymore, do I take the time to put a few words down. A lot of times that happens when I am going through things that are better worked out in places other than a public blog.:-) Anyway, I can report good news on Alasha and baby. He is still in and that is good. Alasha has been on bed-rest now for over a month and that is just crazy. She has done very well and those of you that know her know that a real live miracle is currently being lived out at my house. Jonah is doing awesome. Right now he walks around with these lyrics going through his head, "Dere you see her sitten dere across de way, she don' gotta lot to say; but dere's someting about her". After this point the melody is still very clear but the lyrics become just out of range for clear understanding until he says, "Kiss de gurl". It is so cute that Alasha and I can't hardly stand it. He gets lots of kisses and he squeals because he has no idea why his mother keeps kissing on him after he sings that. We will try to capture it on video. Other than that things are chugging right along. Keep us in your prayers as we prepare for boy number 2.