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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

"Thanks for Giving"

We had lots of family, food and fun for Thanksgiving! My dad was very happy to have Chris and I come up to Oklahoma with our families and it reminded me of how long it has been since we were both at home in Oklahoma. It was good and we thank God for how awesome He is. Love you Father God. Thank You for giving Jesus and Jesus - thank You for doing Your Father's will.

Peace to All!


November 18th was my fathers 60th birthday and we had a great time. He and Linda came down to Texas and we through him a party. They came to Park Row on that Sunday and we had roast and fixings at our house afterwards. Chris and his family came down from Sherman, Texas. We gave dad two brand new suits along with cash so he and Linda could go out on dates. We ate cake and ice-cream and had great time. Thank you Lord for letting us have Dad for 60 years. You rock, God! I love you and Dad. :-)

Two of my "People"

OK! So it takes me too long to post. Sorry, about that. The crazy thing is that I am constantly reading my hommies blogs and just not updating my own. Well today is update day. Here is a picture of two of my hommies. My son, Jonah and one of his many "mothers" and a great Maxwell family friend " Pearl Howarth. Pearl, Debbie and Lanny, of Cascade College, came through on their way to Oklahoma Christian and we went up to DFW to visit them for a while. We all took turns chasing Jonah. Lanny and Jonah must have gone up and down the escalator 5 times. It was good to see them all. Love and miss you guys.