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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Jonah's First Day of School!

Man oh man! The time is flying by and being a father has to be one of the best jobs in the world. I know I am very new at it but God is very experienced at showing me the blessings of raising this little boy. Alasha and I are having a blast. This, however, was a happy/sad day. We have a childrens academy and Jonah was enrolled and is attending preschool with 7 other children and loving it. Ryan (my senior minister) and Amy's daughter Lily also started and we took pictures of the chidlren before their mother's dropped them off at school. It is very nice because Jonah's class is literally around the corner from my office. When Alasha went to take Jonah to class, just as soon as she put him down, he ran into the class and started playing with the toys. He had a blast and the teacher said he was a delight. Keep us in your prayers. We had Jonah in a size 4 shoe and now he is in a 7. He and Alasha are on their way back from visiting Grand Parents in Houma, Louisiana. I know they had a blast. Well, take care until next time.