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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Please lady! Just let me do your hair!

It has been a little time since AP visited but I couldn't help putting this photo up. I will cut Jonah's hair this week and I will post photos of his first hair cut. Pray for his mother. I have tried to tell her we named him Jonah, not Samson. :-)

Monday, May 22, 2006

The Boy

Ok I am going to take a chance that when I post this you will be able to see Jonah as he is ready to go church one Sunday. he is growing like a weed and walking and running everywhere. He says, "milk" and "book" already and is creating much joy for his mother and I. So hopefully this picture will show up when I "publish this". If so, thank you Johno for your help. And JHill, you guys are both smart enough to be having whatever conversation your having. Computors are scared of me, whether they are PC or Mac. :-). It is good to have you guys, plus my hommies, Ike and Allan to help brother out, other wise it could get scarey. Later!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Jamie Cullum

Ok! I know I promised picture's Jonah the next time I posted but I am still in the middle of learning how to use my new eMac. It is much more machine that I am used to and I have not quite figured out how to upload pictures in my blog. I am still a "right click" man and I can never remember the keystrokes to get the same results in this Tiger OSX, whatever it is I am running. I have figured out how to enter a blog so I will have to go with this for now.

On last Sunday evening I took a trip to downtown Dallas to a neighborhood called "The Deep Ellum". Sorry if it is mispelled. I went to some place called "The Gypsy Tea Room". It was a huge warehouse like space that had been cleverly converted into a nice concert venue. A gentlemen by the name of Raul Midon opened up for Jamie and he was absolutly incredible. He is a guitar playing, singing, songwriting man who is also blind. He impressed Stevie Wonder and got him to record on his lastest release to give you some idea of how good he was. He played and sang by himself for about an hour. It was great. After a small break Jamie and his band came out and it was on. He can play the Ivory out of a piano and he can sing. He displayed more energy in two hours than I did in all of PSP dances combined (for those of you who have had the unfortunate opportunity to witness that).

The funny thing is as I was standing there witnessing this great concert and people going crazy I thought to myself, "how could I do something to get these people this psyched about Jesus?" It took me by surprise to have that thought in a jazz concert. Jamie is a true showman and he did not do a ton of cursing and gyrating but it was not a christian concert. I suppose it is all in thte book, "How To Be All Things To All People while Being Jesus". Oh and by the way, if someone comes across that book, please let me know.

God Bless You - Peace

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Things Are Coming Together!

For those of you that don’t have to move, I recommend that you don’t. Now don’t get me wrong, we didn’t have to move; we just felt it time to be closer to family. Besides it is the actual get a truck, pack a house, pack the truck, fly wife and child, and then drive truck part I am talking about. Then it is the unpack the truck, get the utilities on, unpack into the house, start new jobs, find babysitting, get son to grandparents, meet new people and re-learn a way of life that is now foreign to me. So, lest you enjoy all of the afore mentioned activities, I suggest you stay right where you are and enjoy life.

Now the thing that is most funny to me is that this Sunday I will preach for the first time at my new church family and we are doing a series on giving. I am actually psyched about it but I have to admit it made me laugh because I have been on a journey to be deliberate about recognizing the way God is using me. I have tired to take some time and just think about the day I’ve just lived out and see if I can recognize just how God worked on me, with me, and through me that day. It has been very rewarding. So even though the first sermon I preach here will be about giving I look forward to it because if nothing else I can just tell of all God has given me, not mention the best gift – Jesus.

Take care my friends and family. I will post new pictures of Jonah next post.