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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

They Do Things Different In Texas!

First, let me say that if you have ever been to Texas in the middle of the summer - why? What were you doing here? Oops! Sorry, I guess I should get back to the blog. Well, I recently got more Texas education. The class had to do with extra-curricular activities. Now, I lived in Portland, Oregon where the Parks and Rec. was second to none. I loved it. Having said that I recent got the chance to go to a dance recital and community track meet for my niece and wow! was I surprised. The dance recital had professional sound and lighting and it was produced like a national awards show. The recital was held in Sherman, Texas at the High School in their auditorium. There were hundreds of people there. The students of this dance studio there in Sherman and their families came out and it was awesome. As you can see Kiva had a blast!

The track meet was like an AAU event but it is put on by the communities of these towns close to each other in Texas. They use the high-school track of whatever town is hosting the meet. We went to Greenville, Texas which is just Northeast of Dallas. The track was beautiful and the children did well. In both the track meet and the dance recital the age range was K - 12. Have a nice day a may God bless your day!