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Monday, January 22, 2007

Thanks Again PUMP!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to step back into my recent past and it was a blast. I usually get to the church about 7:15-am to prepare for the Praise Team that arrives around 8-am. Well, this past weekend I spent at a retreat directed by Ryan Gibbons, our Senior Minister, and Greg Garrett, author, professor and Seminary Student. It was a very good time and I learned a lot. We stayed at a wonderful bed and breakfast here in Arlington. So I got up from the B&B, got to church, and after turning on the computer my phone rang. It was Amy Gibbons, Ryan's wife, calling from the B&B I had just left explaining that Ryan was very sick. She went on to inform me that I would need to prepare to preach as well lead worship. I just smiled and said, "I will be ready". This took me back to PUMP church where every now and then I was blessed with the opportunity to do both. I say it, not because I have this burning desire to be "the show" (do everything). I say it because it was a classic curve-ball, a definite moment of flexibility and people at PUMP, in my opinion, are experts at hitting curve-balls. Ike Graul, Kristi White, and Lanny Tucker were my head coaches while I received specialty training from Lori Vander Kamp, and Casey "Case Worker" Tucker. There were and still are many coaches in Portland, Oregon that contributed to my development, many who are not at PUMP, and I thank all of you for the training and I miss you terribly. You all taught me how to "let go and Let God", and so far the feedback from yesterday says that as usual, God fed many with little. Thank you Father.
I love you all and may God bless your day.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

"Are You Serious"

“Are you serious”, is one my little brother’s favorite phrases. He likes to use it to explain a number of situations where the “I can believe it” aspect of life enters his world. Here lately it has been used to explain some losses by our favorite sports teams here in the States. However, I learned last night while talking to a good friend of mine – Luke Coles – that a young man, Adam Langford, I knew by way of his brother, Ben Langford, passed away in an auto accident in Uganda, Africa. Immediately my heart and body went to a different place. All of my “problems and cares” of that day left just that quick, and I found myself with the phrase “are you serious” on my lips. I could not believe what Luke was telling me.

I am familiar with this kind of pain and loss and I do not like it. It hurts, period. It does give me joy to know that Adam has just been welcomed home by my mother. Two fellow Oklahoma Christian alum now with their Father awaiting our arrival.

I cannot get Ben out of my head and I am praying for the Langford’s. I ran across Adam from time to time when we both lived in Portland, Oregon and his was awesome just like his brother. I would see he and brother on the soccer field and remember how much I loved my own brother. Thanks for the memories Adam.

Lord, please be with the Langford’s and the Jinja Team in this time of heavy grief and loss. Comfort as only you can and give blessings out of this tragedy.

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God Bless,

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Merry Christmas - Happy New Year!

Well, another year has come and God has been faithful through 2006, no doubt about it. This past year brought about some major change in the lives of the "Maxwells". The biggest being our move from the beautiful Northwest down to Bar-B-Que Land. It was so hot when we got to town that I almost got back in my truck and headed back to Claremont in P-Town. It was ridiculously hot, but we have survived. Alasha transferred straight across with Starbucks and she has been doing her best to learn how we do it down here in the South. This is even different than the way she grew up in Louisiana. Keep her in your prayers she is hanging on and staying with it.

I have had new challenges here at my new job. The work environment in a lot of ways is just like PUMP in that there is the freedom to get done what you know you need to get done. I do miss the atmosphere at PUMP simply because I was able to sit down stairs and look out of the big windows and at anytime someone could come in and change the whole mood of your day. Here I am back in my office and one of our secretaries would call me if someone came to see me. Small I know, but it is very different for me. The Praise Team is also a new challenge. Let's just say that I was used to my whole church being a Praise Team and this is different. The members of the Praise Team here are awesome and excited to make the journey of the vision I have set forth for our team. Pray for them because there are some of you out there that know what I would love to see. Let me just say it would resemble enterPraise at Faith Quest Yamhill with the ladies. Coming soon to a church in Texas!

Well, we have also been able to spend a lot of time with family and that really has been a blessing. The picture above is Jonah sitting with Santa and really not being to sure of Santa. I happen to know "Santa" and Jonah is in good hands, but he doesn't know that. Don't worry, mom is close. This was at our church Christmas Party. We spent Christmas this year in Louisiana and it was very nice. We brought the New Year in at our house hanging out with "Moly" and Galeo, a young adult who attends our church. We just watched football and "24" season one. It was nice and everybody was safe.

Well, I watched the best bowl game of the bowl season and I must say, it was so good I almost cheered against my own team at the end. I really did want Oklahoma to beat Boise State, but if Boise is going to play like that then they deserved to win. The only thing that could beat that game for me would've been waking up that morning at Faith Quest Uganda. Because by the time that game ended it would been time to eat breakfast in Africa. Oh, well. I am looking to this year coming up and to the things God has in store for the Maxwell family. Jonah will finally catch up to his clothing and pray because Alasha and I would love to get child number 2 here.

Keep Looking Up!

Keep us in your prayers. See you later and God bless!