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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Checking In

Hello My People,

This is just a note to check in. The Maxwell's are hanging in there. We are in the middle of Jonah having the Croup, me having a cold, and Alasha is taking care of us and doing a wonderful job. I went to Oklahoma City to celebrate the life of Adam Langford and got a chance to visit with Luke and Serena Coles. Their son, Tyson, is a wonderful young man. He is a little younger than and Alasha and I had fun trying to get him to come to us. He was shy as first but then he warmed up to us. He gave out lot's of hugs, Serena made these awesome cookies and Luke was he always chilled out self. We watched American Idol together which is it's on entertainment in and of itself. God thank you for friends and the love they show.

Adam's memorial service was very sad and beautiful at the same time. It was so, so, so good for me to lay my eyes on people from Portland. Ben, Adam's, brother and Ben Ries and others celebrated Adam and it was comforting to know of Adam's obvious love for God and His people. There was reunion and tears. God, bless You for being there when it feels too bad and hurts so much.

I am about to start a class on "Spiritual Leadership" on Wednesday nights. It is our men's class and I am excited about it. I just have to say that Ike Graul took great lengths to nurture me and others at PUMP in Spiritual Leadership. The church itself was a great place to learn a lot about the kind of leadership that follows God. Pray for me. God, may I teach the things You would have me teach.

I leave next week to speak at a youth rally in Missoula, Montana. I leave the day after Valentines Day so I have a lot to get done in a short amount of time. God, thank you for how You take care of Your children.

I leave you with this: (I still don't know how to create links with a Mac. so if J. Thomas, I. Graul, or A. White can tell me how to do that it would be awesome.) Anyway, this is the website for a Marriage Seminar that I believe to be one of the best out there. So if you are near a church they will be visiting I strongly recommend you check them out. Especially if you are married, think you will be married, planning on getting married, have been married, are single and like someone else or you are alive. Get my point. Jerry and Lynn do a wonderful job and they are as down to earth as you can get. God, thank You for Your servants Jerry and Lynn Jones and may You keep them safe as they travel and share information about Godly marriages.

Well that's enough for now. Much Love and I will see you next time.