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Saturday, August 26, 2006

"Your Love is like, Sunshine - In the morning Light"

After watching my good freinds Ike and Kaelea train their children to sing or least be immersed in music, Alasha and I have to decided to do the same. Ike came to Alasha when she was pregnant with Jonah and insisted that the child be intoduced to "Take 6". Here is evidence that the lesson continues. Thank you Grauls, "Take 6", and many others who have and will contribute to Jonah's musical education.
God Bless Your Day!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

And The Music Just Keeps On Coming!

Hello out there in cyber space. This is just a note to say things are doing well. I have had a few events now at church that have rounded out my responsibilities here. We have two gentlemen come into town the last Saturday. They were on what is being billed as "The Starving Jesus Tour" The reason I say that it rounded out my responsibilities is because these are the same two gentlemen that are responible for The event was open to the Metroplex (Dallas/Forth Worth) and it went well. JR Mahon and Craig Gross are the two gentelmen on tour and they did a great Job of encouraging us to go out into the community "be" the hands and feet of Christ. The cool thing was I could easily think back to PUMP and know that in the great Northwest there is a church that started with this as it's premise and continues till this day to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Leading God's people, my family, in worship is awesome but going out and telling and being Jesus is the mission and that was great this past weekend.
Much Love, Later.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

More Fun With Jonah

Hello Friends,

We recently had more family time and of course the center of attention was Jonah. We took both Jonah and Kiva to Six Flags and that was a blast except for the fact that it was 101 degrees outside. The Buggs Bunny you see Jonah with belonged to his cousin but he wanted it in his stoller and she obliged. Thanks Kiva! The other photo is a Baby Water Day at the church. Amy Gibbons (Ryan's wife for those of you who know who I am talking about) is one of our childrens ministers and she and Ellie Williams (our other childrens minister) put this day together. You can't see it but Amy and Ann, another young lady from church built a human car wash for the children to walk through. They constructed it out of PVC pipe hooked a water hose up to it. Jonah didn't want to leave it. He loves water for some reason. Keep us in your prayers and God bless your day!