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Monday, May 07, 2007

Unusal But Not Impossible!

Hello My Friends,

As mentioned in my last post, the Maxwell family had the wonderful blessing of attending the wedding of Dustin Woods and Amy Kierbow. Well, there were two things that made the wedding that much more of an event I will not soon forget. I would consider these things unusual but not impossible as I personally witnessed.

#1 About a month or two before the wedding Amy called and asked if I would be willing to participate in the wedding and I said of course. She mentioned that she wanted Alasha and I to sing and that she wanted to have, thats right you guessed it, the "crazy one" himself - Mr. Jonah Tobias Maxwell be the ring barer. I replied, "Do you actually want the ring to make it to the front of the church?". I continued on, "I know, you must be looking for a bit of comedy in your wedding!". She simply replied, "I love him and I would love him to be in the wedding". You see Amy got to meet Jonah a few months after he had entered the world and she took a liking to him, and he to her. I told her that I didn't mind him being in the wedding but he loves to "RUN RUN RUN! - PERIOD! And as long as she understood that the ring pillow might not make it to the front of the church in a nice mellow way or at all (like you would expect in a beautiful church wedding setting), that it was fine with me. Well, he donned a tux and when it was time for his part he promptly ran up the isle about three quarters of the way and began to play with some beautiful flowers that were attached to the sides of the pews. He let out very cute squeal and with his mother and I, plus Emily Wallace beckoning him to keep coming he smiled at us all, pivoted and ran back down the isle and out of the auditorium. It was funny, cute, and in the end I think it was just what Amy and Dustin wanted. So if you are getting married soon and you want add the running Jonah to your nuptials, just give us a call. :-)

#2 Now I mentioned, Emily Wallace, (whose nick name is - Moly) because she is part two of the unusual but not impossible. Emily is a beautiful, vibrant, funny, loyal, fellow music lover, and has been adopted by Alasha and I as a younger sister and aunt to Jonah. You may be thinking - so what's the big deal? Well the same Amy Kierbow met Emily at PUMP and they became friends. So it makes perfect sense that Amy would want Emily to stand in her wedding. That of course is not a problem because Emily thinks a lot of Amy. However, EMILY DOES NOT LIKE TO WEAR DRESSES AND HEALS! Not that she doesn't like to look nice. It is just that she is not one of those people looking in the mail for the next invite to the local ball. But for Amy, Emily wore both a dress and shoes with height in the heals :-). She looked very nice and survived and Alasha and I who could not wait to see "Moly" in a dress were as nice as we could be. You did great Moly. Thanks for making the wedding an evening to remember!

The Maxwell's


  • At 4:53 PM , Blogger Sarah Megan said...

    Jonah was so precious as he ran to the front....and right back to the back of the aisle.

    It was good to see you guys :)
    I look forward to seeing you three at ACU lecturships

  • At 5:39 PM , Blogger ewall said...

    you, mr. maxwell, are very unusual. :)

    it was fun hanging with y'all at the wedding, and thanks for being nice about the dress. :)

    much love to the maxwell fam--

  • At 9:45 PM , Blogger kristi w said...

    That was my first comment when I saw pics on Sarah's site - "Is that Emily all dolled up??" I love it - what a cutie! Fun times having PUMP connections together for such a great occasion.


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